2013 Lyons Raceway Park Rules

1. Cars will receive two time trials.


2. In an effort to start races, if for any reason (major oil down, rain delay) the track reserves the right to forfeit the 2nd time trial.


3. Cars must get into the lane that they wish to make their pass. Staging lanes 1 and 3 run in the left lane, while lanes 2 and 4 run in the right lane. Lane 5 is for Tech and Junior dragsters only. You are not allowed to change lanes once you have passed the RED LINE in the staging lanes. Violation of this rule may be subject to disqualification and will forfeit any winnings.


4.  In all time trials prior to the final time run the track reserves the right to pair cars together to avoid single runs during practice.


5. The only run that you have lane choice is the 2nd time trial.


6.  Bye Run- 1st round bye will be given to the best reaction time in the final time trial. In the event of a tie the bye will go to the driver with the fastest MPH.


7.  The bye stays with the driver until they use it or loses it. One bye per night. In the event in the final rounds the cars left have all had byes’ then the best reaction time from the previous round will be used.


8.  Bye run will have lane choice if they have to run another car.


9.  In case of tower error, both cars will re-run the race. “NO RE-INSTATEMENT PERIOD.”


10. During eliminations, cars run as they are lined up, side by side. Once this is no longer possible, cars will run back to back with the faster car getting lane choice.


11. Once cars move into the ready area (big yellow line at the head of the staging lanes), they must have a dial on their car, and will be classified as race. Once the staging lane official makes a call for you to move up to the burnout box, you have 2 minute to do so. After 2 the minutes are up the opponent advances. This doesn’t count as a bye run. It is considered a competition single.


12. Any car crossing the centerline or touching the guardrail before the finish line will be disqualified. The first or worst rule applies. Excessive finishline braking can be subject to disqualification.


13. In the event that one car commits a foul (i.e. red light, break-out) but the opponent is unable to cross the finish under it’s own power, the car that broke out or red lighted will advance to next round.


14. In the event of a tie race the computer picks the winner.


15. Deep staging is allowed in all classes except Pro and Super Pro.

Must be clearly marked “DEEP” on vehicle.


16. All cars must pre-stage and stage under their own power.


17. The final staging motion must be in a forward motion and going from pre-stage to stage position.


18. Break passes - you may transfer your entry to another car that is not already entered in the same class prior to eliminations. No transfer of any kind will be allowed after eliminations have started for your particular category.  If a racer decides to withdraw his entry and allow another racer to race his car, this is allowed. No refund or rain check will be given for the withdrawn, nor will entry points be awarded for the driver who has withdrawn his entry. If for some reason you cannot make a time trial you will receive a break pass good for any regular 2013 event, but are still required to pay the spectator fee. No refunds!


19. Mulligan cards can be use up to the finals. Only one Mulligan card per entry in any class per day. You do earn points with Mulligan card, 1 point for every round win; this is the same as a buy-back.  Mulligan cards will NOT carry over from race to race. 


20. Buy backs in 1st round only. Buy backs will receive points for every round win. Mulligan cards are not considered a buy back. First and/or second round buy backs may be offered at select non-points and big money races.


21. Only the driver of the entry will be allowed to drive a buy back entry.


22. Test sessions - test car will only be eligible to test during time trials and testing will be stopped when eliminations start, or other times as specified by track officials. A test card must be purchased and is required. Test cards must be turned in at the tower prior to test passes. Vehicle must be clearly marked “TEST” and visible for tower.


23. Warm up vehicles in a counterclockwise direction.


24. Safety rules - all rules outlined in the NHRA rule book will be enforced. This includes all safety equipment and apparel that is required for your class. Including, but not limited to: valid NHRA license, current chassis certification, window nets, arm restraints, gloves, helmets, etc… If you do not have the required equipment, you must dial your car according to NHRA rules acceptable to you and your race car/class requirements.


25. Any participant or crew member consuming alcohol before or during an event will be disqualified.


26. The car in the right hand lane has the right of way at the end of the track.


27. Speed limit in pit area for all vehicles is 5 M.P.H.


28. Four Wheeler and Golf carts - race cars have right of way. Pull over and let them pass. Your car number must be on pit vehicles, anyone operating in an unsafe manner will have their driving privileges taken away. You must be at least 16 years of age to drive a pit vehicle.


29. Dial-ins - you must have your class, car number and dial-ins on the passenger side of the windshield and driver side of the back glass. This must be clear and visible from the tower.


30. Dial-Ins must be on the car and cannot be changed after crossing the yellow line at the head of the staging lanes.


31. Cars without windshields or back glass must use a display board to show the tower information.


32. Check your dial-in on the scoreboard. If it is not correct, do not pre-stage. Once both cars have pre staged they have accepted the run. You will not be reinstated into the program or re-run.


33. All decisions made by track management are final.


34. Points System - driver must be entered in the points program to receive points. There is a one time fee of $20.00 for all classes. Points are not retro-active and will begin on the date entered.


35. Driver must participate to earn points. Points will not be allotted for the purchase of a tech card only.


36. Weekly points structure

  •       2 points for entry

  •       1 point for each round win.

  •       Class winners will receive 1 bonus point.

  •       Buy back entries will receive points for rounds won.

  •       Mulligan entries will receive points for rounds won.

  •       Points will be awarded to the driver, NOT the car. You must be entered in the points program to participate in the ET finals in September.


37.  Track reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.


38.  Track officials reserve the right to inspect any racecar entered in competition. Track officials reserve the right to question any racer to ensure proper use and or functioning of any equipment in, on, or around the racecar in question at anytime and for any reason. If a racer does not allow the inspection for any reason they will be banned from competition at Lyons Raceway Park indefinitely. No payout will be awarded for racer in question if car fails inspection or inspection is refused. Random inspections will take place during the race season to ensure safety and rule compliance.


39.  No persons will be allowed in the tower (race operations area) for any reason. Violation of this rule may constitute a suspension from participation as deemed appropriate by track management.


40. Rainout policy and/or any event that prevents completion of the race – All classes must complete two (2) full rounds of competition for total payout to be divided. Purse would then be divided among cars remaining in competition. . If two (2) complete rounds in all classes have not been completed, rain checks will be issued, NO REFUNDS. Tech cards will be held in the tower and spectator tickets will be accounted for at the main gate.


41.  Gold Cards will only be valid at weekly points races. Gold cards will not be valid at select events, including but not limited to big money races. If an event is in question please ask track management prior to event. This will be the responsibility of the racer.


42.  Diaper/lower containment rule – Diaper/lower containment will not be required, but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  All cars leaking substances on the racing surface will be handled on an individual basis and could be subject to disqualification.


43.  In the event of any special races (VP Fuels Quick 32, junior dragster association, nitrous outlaws) that may take place at Lyons Raceway Park, it will be the racers responsibility to obtain rules from that organization prior to the event. Some rules may be different than those of Lyons Raceway Park.


44. Complaint Policy – No complaints will be addressed in the tower (race operations) area. Complaints will be addressed by the racer (1 person) and track personnel at a secluded, pre-determined location. Only the racer (no friends, wives or others) with the complaint/issue and track official will be allowed in meeting. Yelling, cursing, screaming and/or any out of control behavior will not be tolerated. If this happens the racer could/will be disqualified from the race, forfeit any money won during the competition and face an indefinite suspension from competition at Lyons Raceway Park. Cursing at track personnel or cursing in the presence of junior dragsters competitors is forbidden. Any racer in violation of this rule could/will face suspension from competition and/or admission at Lyons Raceway Park.


45. All vehicles warming up, checking converter stall or 2-step RPM in the pits must be on jack stands.


46.  Campfires are allowed but only in a contained and covered fire pit. NO campfires on the ground or uncovered.


47.  Only one crew member per vehicle in the tower/starting line area.


48.  Courtesy staging will be in effect. Starter has final discretion in the case a car may need to be backed out of beams.


49.  Cars competing in pro must not have a delay box in their car. If they are running Super Pro and Pro the delay box must be removed for every pass in Pro including time trials.


50.  Points races will be made up as deemed appropriate by track management.


51.  Junior Dragsters - All NHRA safety rules and age/E.T. requirements will be enforced. Cars must have their safety flags on while being towed.

Cars must stay in designated area at the end of the track after run.

All cars must be towed from the designated are to the pit area.

Once the car has made it to the burnout box you will be allowed to restart the car one time only; cars must stage under their own power and cannot be touched after they pre- stage.

 Junior Dragster bye will be decided by the driver with the best reaction time.

All Junior Dragster drivers must present a valid NHRA license in order to compete.

*Attention Junior Dragster Racers and families: New for 2013, our Junior dragster division will be split into 2 catagories: Majors (7.90,8.90) and Minors (12.90) We will draw cards for lane choice and pairing. Minors will be kept seperate as long as possible and then combined when one class or the other has complete to make one winner overall. Points will remian the same, 1 point for every round win and as always at LRP free buybacks first round!!


52.  No mopeds, 4-wheelers, pit bikes, etc. will be allowed to compete in the motorcycle class. Motorcycle must have at a minimum of 200cc engine to participate.


53. "Fastenal.com Fast 8" - This will put the fastest 4 door cars (must be left hand steer) and the fastest 4 dragsters (center steer) in a special quick runoff. Participants will be able to buy back any round that they are eliminated in the quick. Door cars will run door cars and dragsters will run dragsters until the final. Winner will automatically fall back into Super Pro competition, runner up will have to buy back.

Unlimited ET limit will be in effect for the quick 8. Participants will earn Super Pro points. Must dial within one tenth of qualified E.T. Open cars in Lane 1 , Door cars in lane 2,Fast car gets lane choice, until the final then a coin flip will determine lane choice. No ladders. There is NO extra entry fee for this program!


54. Street Legal/High School Drags - This class is designed for beginner and high school racers. Cars must be street legal as outlined below. High school participants must eneter the points program to be eligible to earn competition points. The top two (2) points finishers in the High School class will have the opportunity to race at the ET bracket finals representing Lyons Raceway Park and have the opportunity to win an official NHRA Championship ring.

  • A valid driver's license
  • Valid vehicle registration and insurance
  • DOT-approved street legal tires
  • Working headlights and taillights
  • Secured Battery
  • Must be wearing long pants (no nylon), sleeved shirt, closed-toe shoes and socks when making your run.
  • Helmets and additional safety equipment may be required.
  • Seat belts
  • Muffler
  • If using nitrous, nitrous-oxide bottles must be stamped as meeting DOT 1,800-pound standards
  •  Car must be slower than 12.00in the 1/4 to compete at the ET bracket finals.
  • Points will be awarded as one (1) point for every round win, points will go with driver and not the car. For more information about points see rule 34,35,36.
  •  See rule 6 and 7 for bye run information.

55. Friday Night Outalw Race - No ET limits fast or slow, Delay and Non-Delay will be seperated as long as possible. Once combined Crosstalk and Autostart will be ON. One total purse, winner take all or split, racers decide.


Please visit http://www.nhra.com/streetlegal/default.aspx for more details about the NHRA street legal program.

A complete list of these rules will be posted at the racetrack and at www.lyonsracewaypark.com

We have tried to think of all possible scenarios but we are sure something will come up that has not been covered. Track management will make all decisions that are final.



VP Quick 32 Rules




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